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Hotel Lviv

     "Old Krakow" - it not only the historical place of city of a sleep lions, which changed the name during all history, but hotel and cafe, created in the best European traditions. Today Lviv is magic and enigmatic beauty of Western Europe. It only the unique Ukrainian «Band of Historical Center», which is added to List of Inheritance of the World of UNESCO. Visiting Lviv it is possible to glance on the pages of the past, visit modern.

     To services of visitors of hotel comfortable numbers, equipped a telephone, satellite television, WI-FI by the Internet, shower. On you expect one, two or three personal room.
The interior of hotel is decorated by stained-glass windows, author forged wares and pictures of old city of Krakow.
     Hotel «Old Krakow» is a little particle of history of Lviv, which is located in a city heart, among sights of architecture. Here you also always beautifully will rest in a small comfortable cafe, whether in the yard of hotel with a small fountain which decorates the exterior of hotel.


©2008 Hotel "Starji Krakiv"

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